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Tmall Global:
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Chinese B2C
eCommerce revenue
grew 59% in 2013

Internet penetration
still relatively low at 46%

Playhead China
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eCommerce to China

Expanding your business to China has never been easier. Start selling your products online without a Chinese business registration and without holding local stock. Playhead China is specialized in enabling brands and merchants to sell their products through eCommerce in China.


Playhead China combines a wealth of experience in leading global online businesses with an extensive knowledge about Chinese eCommerce and a specialized network of local eCommerce business partners.


eCommerce in China is booming. It is gaining popularity in the big tier 1 cities (convenience) but also in the smaller tier 2 and 3 cities (broad assortiment). Alibaba played a decisive role in this trend by their higly trusted online payment method Alipay and their large investments to improve domestic logistics.



Just 22% of the population shops online

Although 302 million online shoppers is a very large group, it only represents 22% of the Chinese population. In Western Europe 59% of the total population bought something online already. This shows the enormous potential China has in growing their online sales by activating more people to buy online.



B2C eCommerce revenue will pass € 100bn

China's online B2C revenue is still growing rapidly every year and is expected to soon take over the online revenue generated through very popular C2C platforms like Taobao (where customers and small businesses can sell to each other). A fast growing share of B2C eCommerce revenue is generated via mobile devices.



Tmall is the #1 marketplace

No doubt on who is the leading B2C website in China. The #1 position belongs to Alibaba owned Tmall. Tmall is not comparable to anything we have in Europe. It is an online marketplace where manufacturers and merchants can open their own webshop. Different to e.g. Amazon, Tmall doesn't hold any stock or sells products themselves. . Tmall Global is the cross-border version of Tmall and allows foreign brands and merchants to sell their products into China without having a Chinese business registration or keeping local stock.




Internet and eCommerce penetration




B2C eCommerce revenue growth




Most popular B2C websites




To start selling online in China you need to tick some boxes. Playhead China supports you with all of these. Ranging from initial market research and setting up your shop, to organizing your logistics, do performance based online marketing and provide customer support. Playhead China also acts as a licensed online seller of your products in China.






Advice on what you need to do to start selling your products online in China.


Find the best shipping options; low cost direct shipments from Europe or holding local stock.


Development of your online shop at leading marketplaces like Tmall and or at your own website.


Offer pre- and after sales customer support by a trained, native Chinese, support desk.


Financial administration of your China business; take care of payments, local taxes and custom duties.


Performance based online marketing, including search engine advertising at Baidu and Tmall advertising.

Social Media

Engage with your customers and benefit from word-of-mouth online sales by an active social media strategy.


On-going reporting of your online sales, analysing trends and continuously improving your commercial offering.


How will China's online boom impact e-commerce?

How will China's online boom impact e-commerce?

(CNN) -- If there's anything serving notice on the traditional bricks and mortar department store, then it's China's internet and e-commerce statistics. This year the number of internet users going online with a mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, overtook those doing so on a personal computer...
What Chinese cross-border online shoppers mostly buy?

What Chinese cross-border online shoppers mostly buy?

(CIW) -- Nielsen research showed that Chinese online cross-border-shoppers mostly buy 1. clothes, shoes and accessories, 2. health and beauty products, 3. computer hardware, 4 jewellery, gems and watches, 5. personal electronics. Find the full article...


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Playhead Ecommerce to China


Playhead China helps European brands and merchants to sell their products online in China. In cooperation with a network of specialized Chinese agencies Playhead China’s offering varies from consultancy to acting as a licensed online seller of your products in China.


Playhead China is founded by Fabian Nijlant. Fabian has a wealth of experience in leading the online sales for several global brands like Sonos and TomTom. Since 2012 he is actively following the online space in China. To combine his Western eCommerce experience with his knowledge about the Chinese eCommerce market he decided to start Playhead China.


Playhead China understands your business in Europe and knows how to expand to China.




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