eCommerce in China is booming. It is gaining popularity in the big tier 1 cities (convenience) but also in the smaller tier 2 and 3 cities (broad assortiment). Alibaba played a decisive role in this trend by their higly trusted online payment method Alipay and their large investments to improve domestic logistics.



Just 22% of the population shops online

Although 302 million online shoppers is a very large group, it only represents 22% of the Chinese population. In Western Europe 59% of the total population bought something online already. This shows the enormous potential China has in growing their online sales by activating more people to buy online.



B2C eCommerce revenue will pass € 100bn

China's online B2C revenue is still growing rapidly every year and is expected to soon take over the online revenue generated through very popular C2C platforms like Taobao (where customers and small businesses can sell to each other). A fast growing share of B2C eCommerce revenue is generated via mobile devices.



Tmall is the #1 marketplace

No doubt on who is the leading B2C website in China. The #1 position belongs to Alibaba owned Tmall. Tmall is not comparable to anything we have in Europe. It is an online marketplace where manufacturers and merchants can open their own webshop. Different to e.g. Amazon, Tmall doesn't hold any stock or sells products themselves. . Tmall Global is the cross-border version of Tmall and allows foreign brands and merchants to sell their products into China without having a Chinese business registration or keeping local stock.




Internet and eCommerce penetration




B2C eCommerce revenue growth




Most popular B2C websites